Transmitting messages into a dream
and back is possible. But what could
be done with this?

Sleep science can profit from this.
E.g., interactive question-answer
experiments become possible.

Sleep communication can be used
for entertainment. Find small
riddles from the waking world
in your dream, and solve them
using dream super powers!

More ideas for future use of
sleep communication can be found


1. The sleeper becomes aware
of his dreaming state.

2. Waking world stimuli containing
a message get incorporated
into the dream.

3. The sleeper sends messages
to the waking world using
body signals, e.g. eye


Dear Visitor!

On this website you can find information about my PhD project "Sleep Communication" at Osnabrück University, Germany.

Work on this topic started in 2013, when I wrote my master thesis about this. Most of this website's content is directly copied from my master's thesis. 

The current state of the art can be found here.

One more thing: You are warmly invited to participate in my ongoing experiments, some of which you can conduct from your home!

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