What is it about?

This experiment investigates a new method ("SSILD") to learn Lucid Dreaming, i.e. to recognize that you are dreaming and to be able to control your dream.

Lucid dreaming is a prerequisite of sleep communication. However, this experiment does not focus on conducting a sleep communication, but on learning its prerequisite: to dream lucidly.



Who can participate?

Everybody is invited to participate! It does not matter, whether you had any lucid dreams before, whether you have any prior knowledge about lucid dreaming or the technique used here ("SSILD"), whether you are a student or not, whether you are from Osnabrück or not.



How can I participate?

Just sign up here. Participation for free. The experiment takes place in your bed at your home.



How is the experiment structured?

Preparations, once at the beginning:

1. Sign up here.

2. Fill out the brief questionnaire on your prior knowledge.

3. Read the instructions how to perform the SSILD technique (3 pages, available in English or German). Pass a brief online-exam consisting of 15 multiple choice questions.


The actual experiment, at night:

1. Directly before going to bed, check in on this website and answer 7 multiple choice repetition questions.

2. Wake up after 4.5 hours of sleep. Check in on this website (no questions, just click a button). Perfom the SSILD technique, which takes appr. 10-15 minutes. Go back to sleep.

3. In the morning, fill out a brief questionnaire on your experiences.


That's all!



In brief, how does this SSILD technique work?

This SenseS Initiated Lucid Dreaming (SSILD) technique consists of a 10-15 minute long easy & relaxing meditation exercise. This meditation exercise is performed after 4.5 hours of sleep in your own bed at home. After that you go back to sleep immediately, and (hopefully) have one or more lucid dreams during the rest of the night.



What else?

All your data are used exclusively for this experiment. It is possible that your data are published anonymized.

Of course you can abandon the experiment without naming reasons at any time.


Sign up here for this experiment!

What is Lucid Dreaming good for?

With a bit of practice you can control your dream and do whatever you want: you can fly, interact with every person you want, go to Mars, be a dragon, experience a 360° view...

Is this dangerous?

Lucid dreaming has been object of scientific research for more than 30 years. There are no dangers known. Some people (especially children and adolescents) have lucid dreams naturally.

Can I win something?

Yes, you can!

You can win 50€*. Independently of your lucid dreaming success.

Cognitive Science and Psychology students from Osnabrück can additionally earn up to 2 VP-Stunden (for sleeping at home!).

But of course, learning how to control your dreams is far more valuable!

How often may I participate?

As often as you want, until this experiment ends!

For every complete night (2x check in, 1 questionnaire) you get one "lottery ticket" for the 50€ "lottery". CogScis and Psychos earn additionally 0.5 VP-Stunden (1 or 2 complete nights), 1 VP-Stunde (3 or 4 nights), 1.5 VP-Stunden (5 or 6 nights), 2 VP-Stunden (7 or more nights).