One use for sleep communication today already could be seen in its entertaining abilities. Since this technology is brand new,  exploring its possibilities  can be very enjoying, as the author of this thesis has experienced firsthand. It was never as amusing to solve  a simple math problem as during these dream experiments. But the entertaining prospects of sleep communication are by far more tremendous than this. A first idea could be to send simple words into the dream world, like “love, peace, and harmony” or “adventure, moon, aliens” in order  to see in how far the dream content can be influenced  by this. It is not meant by this to subconsciously play some words, but to use sleep communication as described in this thesis for this – i.e. the sleeping person consciously receives the message.  Guided dreams could become possible with this, like reading a book or watching a movie, but experiencing the story within a dream. Taking this idea a step further and making use of the two-directional possibilities of sleep communication, an interactive way of guided dreaming like in today’s computer games could be possible – but with the difference of “really” being a Prince of Persia or a Jedi Knight instead of just controlling them on a computer screen, experiencing the story told with one’s “own” body and feelings.

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